Tips to Know Before Attempting Your First Scuba Dive

Vacations can be even more memorable if you know to fill them with interesting and unforgettable activities. Fortunately, scuba diving is one of those memory maker activities, especially if it is going to be your first experience of this kind.

Everything begins with choosing the perfect location for your first scuba diving experience. You will definitely love diving among coral reefs, see shipwrecks, beautiful caves, colorful plants and all sorts of fish.

scuba diving tipsAnother factor that will ensure the success of your first diving experience is the underwater visibility. Depending on the water area you are in, you will be able to see clearly from 2 feet to over 100 feet away. Of course, the visibility is directly related to the sea conditions: if the weather is calm and the sea is still, the visibility will be very good. If you choose to scuba dive in tropical waters, you will be able to see the sun even while being 100 feet under the water.

When you are planning to have your first underwater experience, the specialists advise that you should not venture deeper than 130 feet. Of course, the moment you have gained enough experience, you are free to experience deeper waters, but until then it is better to stick with this safety rule. As you get deeper and deeper, the light is lesser and the waters are darker.

Depending on the area where you want to experience your first dive, you may want to get a professional scuba swimming suit or at least a regular bathing suit. In tropical waters, the water temperature is almost unchanged; if you plan to dive in other areas of the globe, it is important to know that for every 500 feet the temperature decreases with about 10 degrees.

In some of the areas on the globe, the currents may be very strong, so you need to inform yourself on this matter. The peril is that the current will carry you away from your scuba diving boat. The truth is that some of the popular diving places are characterized by strong water currents, and thus only experienced divers can go safely in the water.

Check the power and the direction of the current before having the first contact with the water. At the same time, you should know there are also special regions in the world where you can experience the drift dive, meaning that you can let yourself intentionally be carried away by the underwater current. If this is the case, the boat that has brought you on the spot is responsible for following you and helping you if it is needed.

Your first scuba diving trip should be well planned, and you should get suitable gear, in order to ensure a nice and safe experience. Depending on the temperature of the waters you intend to try, the swimsuit will have a specific thickness, which ranges from 3 to 7 millimeters (0.12 to 0.27 inches). Of course, the colder the water, the thicker is the swimsuit.

Be extra careful when you pick the gloves, the hoodie and the booties. Besides the suit, there are some other devices that you will need to have, and buying the proper ones requires the advice of a specialist. I am talking here about the buoyancy compensator device (it allows you to achieve neutral buoyancy under water, as well as ascend and descend), the weight belt (counteracts the buoyancy of the gear), the diving cylinders that contain the air you are going to breathe under water, the regulator (lets the air from the tank go out in a controlled manner), the snorkel and a knife. All these are necessary equipment pieces that should fit your body characteristics.

For your first diving experience, you may want to get in the water simply by walking. In this case you should know the underwater landform type – will there be rocks or sand? Or, you may decide to use a boat and roll in backwards or jump from the rear of the boat. Just before doing this, make sure you do a final checking of the gear to ensure that you don’t run into any problems. Armed with these tips, your first scuba diving experience is bound to be a success!

Discover Top Tourist Attractions through a Mountain Biking Tour

The Romanian Carpathian Mountains have become a common mountain biking destination lately. Due to the wide variety of tracks that are available, this is a preferred destination for beginners and advances bikers alike. If you are interested in finding a great bicycle tour, there are numerous sites offering you various options.

But why should you visit Romania in the first place? To begin with, Romania is a place where lots of tourists come to see the old medieval castles that are spread all over the country. And there is a particular mountain biking tour that allows you to see several of the most famous Romanian castles. It is a tour rated with 3 points out of 5 on the energy scale and with 2 out of 5 points on the difficulty scale. You will ride your bike for about 5 hours a day on asphalt roads, and the tour will take you to the Bran Castle, which was built in the 14th century, known worldwide as the home of Dracula, and also to the Rasnov Fortress.

As mentioned earlier, the Bran Castle is the worldwide famous Dracula Castle. Dracula, the main character in a famous novel, is associated by many to Vlad Dracul, one of the most dreaded enemies of the Ottomans, a king of Wallachia who was well known for applying the death penalty through impaling to all the robbers, beggars and cunning priests. This practice of his became the key element of numerous legends that contributed to the creation of the imaginary character Dracula. The Bran geographical area is filled with many small hotels where all tourists can find affordable accommodation.

From Bran, you could ride your bike inside Transylvania, where almost every settlement, no matter how small or big, has its own fort, a church-fortress combo that was built about 500 or 600 years ago. You could also reach Sighisoara, the most fascinating medieval city in Romania, a place where thousands of tourists come every year, especially during summer, when numerous medieval festivals are held. History states that it was in Sighisoara that Vlad Dracul was born, and you can even have dinner inside his house in Sighisoara. No matter where you are going to dine, you will find good accommodation in the city. Spend a day there and you are going to marvel admiring the old buildings, the narrow bricks roads and the old church on the hill.

Close to Sighisoara, after a 6 miles / 10 kilometers bike ride, you will find Biertan, which is considered to be not only the most wonderful of the church-fortresses in Transylvania, but also the most important Reformate church in the area. The road will take you on narrow paths where you will rarely encounter cars, so you will have plenty of time admiring the peaceful life of the peasants and farmers, as well as enjoy the unique landscape and the green woods that cover the hills and the mountains.

Alba Iulia is the next place your bike should take you to. You could admire the three layers of fortifications that were built there, also known as the ancient Roman Castrum. Alba Iulia is still considered the capital of Transylvania, a place where old and modern have been mixed in a wonderful manner.

The Corvin castle in Hunedoara should be the next place where your bike should rest for a day or two. The castle was built in the gothic style and is one of the most famous in the entire Europe; its size and architectural details will make your stop memorable for sure.

You week bike ride in Romania should also include a stop in Sibiu, the former cultural capital of Europe, and also a stop at the Calnic Fortress, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage , a building that was first mentioned in the official documents in 1269. It was a place where the Saxon nobility lived until 1430, when the fortress was sold to the community of Calnic. Sibiu will also offer you the possibility of visiting the Astra Village and the Traditions Museum, where you will have the possibility of admiring several traditional Romanian houses.

The Transfagarasan Road has been recently considered by the editors of Top Gear as the most wonderful road in the Europe. Why shouldn’t you cross the Fagaras Mountains by bike? The road is a 15 miles / 25 kilometers descent that will offer you lots of precious memories.

Top Five Car Rental Options

When people rent cars they do it for different reasons. The reason will determine the type of car you will end up with: you will get a compact car for a short trip by yourself, an elegant model for a business meeting you need to attend, a larger vehicle if you plan a family vacation and a more powerful 4×4 if you go somewhere up in the mountains. In the following article we are going to look at the specifics of some of the most recommended models on the car industry market.

best car rental optionsIn the niche of smaller, compact cars, Ford Fiesta seems to be one of the most recommended cars. There have been done a lot of tests and rankings and this car has been given different marks, all of them recommending it as a very good choice when you need a small car. What is so well appreciated at this model? First the fact that despite the fact of being considered a smaller car, it offers plenty of space and the ride is pleasant. The best mark has been given to handling the car; car specialists declare that you can easily drive this car, it is fun and it can be done effortlessly. Because of the excellent combination between power, easy handling and excellent fuel economy, you will definitely enjoy the experience of renting and driving this car no matter where you go or for what purpose.

If you need to rent a car for a family vacation, than the specialists and a lot of rankings and tests recommend Chevrolet Traverse. The car manages to get excellent marks for safety reasons. It has earned good scores in crash tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: 4 out of 5 stars in side crash tests. It offers standard safety equipment, including electronic traction control and rear body-level airbags. If you intend to visit Europe, Thrifty’s Car Rental Bucharest Romania Site offers all the Chevrolet models for rental, at a 10% discount in case that you book the car online.

Many people use to rent cars for business purposes: they need to attend a special meeting or a special conference and thus they rent a car to get there. Audi A6 is among the best business cars of 2012. In many of the tests and rankings, Audi is extremely well positioned, getting very good marks at safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has already tested this model and it has earned top scores in front, side and rear impact tests as well as for roof strength. The standard version come with a lot of safety devices already installed: anti lock brakes, front, front knee, front side and side curtain airbags. Audi A6 features Pre Sense system that adjust all the airbags to the specifics of the car occupants, for example.

Maybe you need a more powerful car for a ride in the mountains. Then, your renting options may include Kia Sportage. The base model comes with a 176 horsepower engine, a six speed manual transmission, being considered by specialists as a powerful car, ready for longer or more difficult rides outside the cities. Due to its quick responsiveness and power it is considered to be some of the best choices when it comes to picking a model for a mountain trip.

People want to spend as little as possible when renting a car. And it is well known that cheaper car models rent out for fewer dollars a day. Which one of the existing models is the best choice? Nissan Versa will definitely offer you an excellent driving experience, being a car which was given good marks related to the interior of the car. It comes with a big trunk and a very spacious cabin for the people travelling. If you are not bothered by plastic trimmings, you will completely appreciate Versa’s interior which provides a nice journey for people sitting in front or in the back of the car.